Weekly Virtual Calendar

Click on an image below and you will be taken to its Microsoft Teams channel. All ORSL programming in fall and winter quarters will be virtual and primarily held on Teams. You can also join the ORSL general channel to get updates on what is happening in all programs!

For more information, please reach out to either the contact listed, or Chaplain Candido (ecandido).

Join the ORSL general channel on Teams to learn about all the exciting things happening.

A discussion group based on the podcast. Join us to discuss the good/bad/ugly of loving and hating these books as a spiritual practice.
Meets Mondays 11:05-11:45am in Teams
Contact: Talea.Fournier17@kzoo.edu

Small gatherings for any and all students to socialize, support one another, and build relationships during this time of social distancing. Each group uses a weekly discussion theme.
Meets Mondays at 8pm in Teams
Contact: AnneKearney.Patton18@kzoo.edu

Spirituality Group for Female-Identified & Non-binary people.
Meets Tuesdays at 7pm in Teams
Contact: Rebecca.Mitchell18@kzoo.edu

A student organization that focuses on exploring and practicing witchcraft. People of all beliefs and paths welcome!  
Meeting times TBA in Discord
Contact: Bailey.Woods17@kzoo.edu

Jewish Student Organization
Meets at various times on Zoom (email Audrey for link)
Contact: Audrey.Honig17@kzoo.edu

Student organization for followers of Christ at Kalamazoo College.
Meets Thursday at 7pm in Teams
Contact: Jenna.Bailey19@kzoo.edu