Community Reflection

Community Reflection takes place on Fridays from 11:05-11:45am in Stetson Chapel.

Winter Quarter

Week 1, Friday, January 6
Housing & The Master PlanReview the upcoming changes to the physical footprint of the college and spend time reflecting on the value of housing.  What does it mean to live on campus? What do we want out of a dorm, for ourselves and for others? Sponsored by Facilities Management, Student Development and Religious and Spiritual Life

Week 2, Friday, Friday, January 13
MLK Day –Join our campus community for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Reflection sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Student Life. No recording due to the nature of the creative performance.

Week 3, Friday, January 20
Human Trafficking AwarenessJanuary is human trafficking awareness month.  Join the Kalamazoo Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition for a conversation on this important topic.

Week 4, Friday, January 27
Why We Create Art– Join students from diverse artistic mediums to discuss how and why they pursue their passion for art at K.  Sponsored by the Theater, Art and Music Departments

Week 5, Friday, February 3Midwinter Break Day – No Community Reflection

Week 6, Friday, February 10
Our English Stories: Language Learning and Newcomers in Kalamazoo Public Schools—Everyone has a story of learning English. Reflect on how learning English is integral to full participation in society, and what that means for ourselves and others. Sponsored by the Multilingual Center.

Week 7, Friday, February 17
Climate Coalition—Hear from a new student group seeking to reduce our college’s carbon footprint and divest our endowment from fossil fuels and climate destruction. Sponsored by ECO’s Climate Coalition

Week 8, Friday, February 24
Resilience— Resilience has become a buzzword to express the ability of systems – both as an individual via community, and at a societal level – to express the ability to bounce back after a shock. Sponsored by the Center for Complex Systems Studies.

Week 9, Friday, March 3
Women’s History Month—March is women’s history month commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.

Week 10, Friday March 10
Winter Sing A Long— Come sing along to classic songs while learning a little bit about how to maintain your sanity in a stressful time.  The music will be loud– the fun will be extreme.  Keep the winter blues away with some great music and friends.

Fall Quarter

Week 1: Friday, September 16
Finding Home in Kalamazoo–Make this campus and this city your new home. Hear from older students how they’ve created communities that sustain them. Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders

Week 2: Friday, September 23
Communication and Conflict–How do you engage with someone very different from yourself? How do you get what you need in a conflict? A reflection and workshop wrapped into one!  Cosponsored by Religious & Spiritual Life and The Counseling Center

Week 3: Friday, September 30
Antisemitism at K –Chart the history of antisemitism from its origins to today and specifically how it shows up on K’s campus. Walk away with tools to fight hate on our campus and in the world. Jewish Studies? 

Week 4: Friday, October 7
Doubt and Transition –What is the role of doubt in spiritual growth? How do you handle changes to your beliefs when it upsets or puts at risk your relationship with family and friends?  Counseling?

Week 5: Friday, October 14
Fall Break Day– No Community Reflection 

Week 6: Friday, October 21 (homecoming)
Intimate Partner Violence Awareness October is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month.  We will remember those in our community who face daily violence as well as the history of K’s own struggle to become a place free of violence. Cosponsored by SPEAK and Religious & Spiritual Life

Week 7: Friday, October 28
The Personal, Public, and Political Intersections of Gender Identity– Dell Darnell will explore the simultaneously held truths that exploreing and sharing your gender identity is one of the most intimate things a person can do; however, for queer trans, BIPOC folks, simply existing as our authentic selves is also a public and political statement. Throughout this discussion, Dell will weave in stories of their own life and experience as a queer, trans, non-binary adult who is also a parent to three kids, two of which are non-binary. Sponsored by Religious and Spiritual Life

Week 8: Friday, November 4
Honors Day ConvocationThis service is a time to present special awards to students for their accomplishments  in a particular area during the previous academic year.  Please come and support your fellow students as they receive their awards

Week 9: Friday, November 11
Failure– Hear faculty, staff and students talk about their experiences of failure and rejection and what they learned from those experiences.   Cosponsored by the Center for Career and Professional Development and Religious and Spiritual Life

Week 10: Friday, November 18
Transgender Day of Remembrance Service–  A service to memorialize those murdered as a result of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. Sponsored by Arcus Center, Religious and Spiritual Life, Transcend, and the Faith Alliance of OutFront

Community Reflection Application

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