Community Reflection

Community Reflection By Week

Community Reflection takes place 11:05am Friday

Week 1, Friday, September 20
Interfaith 101—What is interfaith dialogue?  Why would a student participate?  What if you aren’t religious or don’t have  a faith tradition?  Come learn from this year’s Interfaith Student Leaders about what interfaith has meant to them. 

Week 2, Friday, September 27   
Social Justice Leaders Talk—Local social justice leaders talk about why they do the work they do.  Join us for a reflection that centers the spiritual aspects of enacting justice. 

Week 3, Friday, September 4
Coming Out Queer—Join local LGBTQ+ faith leaders while they reflect on their journeys navigating sexuality, faith and leadership in community.  Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders

Week 4, Friday, October 11
Intimate Partner Violence Awareness— October is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month.  We will remember those in our community who face daily violence as well as the history of K’s own struggle to become a place free of violence.

Week 5, Friday, October 18      Homecoming Weekend—

From Oncologist to the Novelist— Successful pediatric oncologist Dr. Len Mattano decided to change course and write a novel.  Come learn about his journey and how he found the courage to try something unexpected.

Week 6, Friday, October 25      Fall Break Day

Week 7, Friday, November 1  
“Peering Through the Veil”– A variety of religious and spiritual holidays take place at the end of October and beginning of November.  Come learn about Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day and more.  Reflect on the changing seasons, our relationship to our ancestors, and trick-or-treating.  Sponsored by The Coven & the Interfaith Student Leaders.

Week 8, Friday, November 8    Family Weekend 
Honors Day Convocation—This service is a time to present special awards to students for their accomplishments  in
a particular area during the previous academic year.  Please come and support your fellow students as they receive their awards.

Week 9, Friday, November 15
Science & Religion—Are religion and science opposed to one another?  Can you be a scientist and a religious person?  Hear from faculty in Religion, Biology and more.  Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders.

Week 10, Friday, November 22
More Than One Box—What happens when you can’t pick just one option on the form?  Come reflect on our intersectional lives and the beauty of diverse human experience.  Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders

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