Community Reflection

Community Reflection takes place on Fridays from 11:05-11:45am in Stetson Chapel.

Spring Quarter

Week 1: Friday, April 1
Dismantling Sexual Scripts–Media and social expectations affect how we feel we “should” talk about and engage in sex. Explore tools to develop a critique of sexuality in culture.

Week 2: Friday, April 8
Why We Play–Join student-athletes in a reflection on the life lessons learned through sport. This annual reflection serves to share the greater purpose and meaning of athletics. Sponsored by SPEAK

Week 3: Friday, April 15:
Interbelief and Interfaith–What does it mean to believe different things about life, the universe, everything? What about atheists and agnostics? Why do some people think they don’t have a place in the conversation? Join the Interfaith Leaders for a conversation about the misconceptions and meanings of interfaith work.

Week 4: Friday, April 22:

Founders Day–Celebrating 189 years of community!

Week 5: Friday, April 29

Yom Hashoah: The Importance of Remembrance–Join us in recognition of Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day as students reflect on stories from relatives and personal hopes for the future. Remembrance is an important step in preventing future injustices. Sponsored by Hillel

Week 6: Friday, May 6: 
Repair: When and How to Improve Broken Objects, Ourselves and Our Society–Propagate a new way of thinking about REPAIRing impaired objects, relationships, communities and even the world. A TED-like lecture will be followed by a Q/A session. Sponsored by the Center for Complex Systems

Week 7: Friday, May 13:
What is Pride?– Join members of Kaleidoscope for a time to share experiences of bring queer and reflecting on how pride has affected our lives.  Sponsored by Kaleidoscope

Week 8: Friday, May 20:

Do You Hear What I Hear?–Society is bombarded with music. We have become anesthetized to what once was a religious experience. Open you ears and regain the religion of music! Sponsored by Ron Di Salvio

Week 9: Friday, May 27:

The Cauldron Unveiling– Join us for the unveiling of the 2021-22 edition of The Cauldron. We will be announcing the winners of this year’s Divine Crow Award as well as the Stephanie Vibbert Award. The authors/artists of these distinguished works will then present their award-winning pieces. Sponsored by The Cauldron

Week 10: Friday,, June 3:

Keeping Up With KCCSR: The Year’s Accomplishments–Stay informed on KCCSR’s activities throughout the year and plans for next year.

Community Reflection Application

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