Community Reflection

Community Reflection takes place 11:05 am Friday on Zoom.

Recordings are available for select weeks by clicking on the week’s title.

Spring Quarter

Week 1, April 2
Why History Matters: The Teaching, Learning, and “Doing” of History—Come to learn about the challenges, importance and pitfalls of studying history as well as the ways history has been used and misused.  Sponsored by the History Department

Week 2, Friday, April 9
Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Memorial Service—Join us for a reflection on the Holocaust and the ways it continues to effect the lives of Jews todays.  Sponsored by Hillel of Kalamazoo College

Week 3, Friday, April 16  
Why We Play-– An annual community reflection to give the campus a sense of the greater purpose and meaning in athletics through the lens of our current student athletes and to welcome our alumni home. Sponsored by the Athletic Department

Week 4, Friday, April 23
Founders Day—Celebrating 188 years of community!

Week 5, Friday, April 30
One Year After COVID: How the Pandemic Has Impacted Our Asian Community–A reflection on how life has been impacted not only by the challenges of the virus, but also by targeted prejudice faced by Asian communities. Sponsored by our Kalamazoo College Asian community and the Intercultural Center

Week 6, Friday, May 7  
We Are All Improvising All the Time–Adapting is about allowing space to be clumsy and trusting that even if you don’t end up where you planned, you will go somewhere fruitful.  Join Monkapult for a reflection on Improv! 

Week 7, Friday, May 14
Pride—A series of reflections about what pride means, personally and more generally. Presented by Kaleidoscope.

Week 8, Friday, May 21
K Wellbeing Worldwide— Featuring K students who are living, learning, and striving to make the best of an unforeseen and unpredictable global pandemic. Hear from international students who are currently at K, some who are in their home countries, and domestic students who are in their home states outside Michigan. They will share both what has been difficult and what they have done to lessen the strain COVID-19 has put upon everyone, though not equally. Sponsored by the CIP

Week 9, Friday, May 28 
The Cauldron—Join us for the unveiling of the 2020-21 edition of The Cauldron. We will be announcing the winners of this year’s Divine Crow Award as well as the Stephanie Vibbert Award.  The authors/artists of these distinguished works will then present their award-winning pieces. Sponsored by The Cauldron 

(Week 10, Friday, June 4
Keeping Up with KCCSR: The Year’s Accomplishments—Stay informed on KCCSR’s activities throughout the year and plans for next year.

Winter Quarter

Week 1, Friday, January 8 
Pre-Inauguration Discussion—Feeling stressed, anxious or unsettled as the inauguration approaches?  Join Hope Miller, campus liaison to the Secretary of State’s office, along with Professors Langeland and Boatwright, for a reflection on emotions surrounding the election and strategies for mitigating them.

Week 2, Friday, January 15
MLK Day –The annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Reflection will acknowledge and celebrate the college’s Greer-Sanford Scholars, and serve as an opportunity for student-scholars to speak from their own experience/heart on this year’s theme: “None of Us is Free until All of Us are Free”

Week 3, Friday, January 22 `
The (In)Visibility of Women of ColorJoin WOCA for an afternoon reflection on how women of color are still struggling to be both seen and heard in spaces where they’re still not welcome.

Week 4, Friday, January 29
Let Freedom Swing!: Jazz Music, Democracy and Social Justice in America— A discussion of jazz music and our life together. Join Rev. Millard F. Southern, III, Senior Pastor of The Historic Allen Chapel AME Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was mentored by Wynton Marsalis, Dr. Cornel West and seminary advisor the late Dr. James Cone. His long-awaited book on jazz music in American culture will be published later this year.

Week 5, Friday, February 5Midwinter Break Day – No Community Reflection

Week 6, Friday, February 12
Finding Joy in Judaism—Join K’s dynamic Jewish community for a reflection on the ways they are finding joy in Judaism even during the challenges of the pandemic.  Sponsored by Hillel.  

Week 7, Friday, February 19
Five Minutes in America—Join students from LANG 121 for a series of short reflections on important events in American pop culture and the lasting impacts those events have had. Sponsored by the ESL Center

Week 8, Friday, February 26
An Evolution of Masculinity—Listen as faculty, staff, and students discuss how our understandings of masculinity and what it means to “be a man” has changed and continues to evolve. Sponsored by the Men’s Engagement Network 

Week 9, Friday, March 5
Addressing Educational Equity During COVID-19—Engage with a panel consisting of Civic Engagement Scholars, community partners and K alumni on how they are working with Kalamazoo Public Schools to identify and decrease systemic disparities among the student body.  Sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement

Week 10, Friday March 12
Can Christianity be Progressive?— If so, what would that look like? Join Anne Kearney Patton, a Religion major at K, and other community leaders to learn more.

Fall Quarter

Week 1, Friday, September 18
How to Talk to Strangers–Moving to a new home, making new friends, finding your place…it is awkward and exhausting. Join the Interfaith Student Leaders for a reflection on how others have found their places at K.

Week 2, Friday, September 25
Why We Vote–Hear from Kalamazoo College Faculty, Staff, and Students on why they’ve registered, and why they are getting out to vote this November. K Votes is a non-partisan collective with the CCE that will help you register to vote and answer questions about requesting absentee ballots, voting deadlines,and more. Sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement and K Votes.

Week 3, Friday, October 2
Sanity While Social Distancing?!?!–Spending too much time in front of screens? Learn about ways to engage your spirit, body, and mind while maintaining social distance. Sponsored by the Interfaith Leaders, Counseling Center and Outdoor Programs

Week 4, Friday, October 9
Intimate Partner Violence AwarenessOctober is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month. We will remember those in our community who face daily violence as well as the history of K’s own struggle to become a place free of violence.

Week 5, Friday, October 16

Am I an Athlete Now?–Listen to coaches and players reflect on what it means to be an athlete in a season with no competition. Sponsored by Athletics Department

Week 6, Friday, October 23
Science and Religion-Is science opposed to God? Can one be a scientist and religious? Join professors from the sciences, the Religion Department, and students studying to be scientists reflect on this important conversation.

Week 7, Friday, October 30
Beyond the VeilCelebrate Halloween and Samhain! Join The Coven to explore reaching beyond the physical realm in a variety of religious, spiritual and cultural contexts.

Week 8, November 6
Honors Day:

Week 9, Friday, November 13
History of Racism at K: Part One— Anne Dueweke, Arcus Center Fellow, will describe Kalamazoo College’s racial climate over time including periods in the College’s history when issues of colonization and race were particularly salient. Sponsored by the Intercultural Center

Week 10, Friday November 20
Resistance Through Time: How students Engaged with Our Racial History-At last week’s community reflection, you heard about the college’s racial history. This week, hear about the ways students and employees have engaged with that history throughout time, resisted against racial bias and discrimination, fought for resources, and continue to push the college to create an equitable learning experience for all. Sponsored by the Intercultural Center

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