Religious Holidays Calendar

The Holy Days listed represent major holiday observations in several traditions. There are additional holidays in these traditions, and others, which are not listed. For questions about religious observance, or what a reasonable accommodation might be for a student missing class, please reach out to Chaplain Candido.

September 2023
15-17**           Rosh Hashanah                                    Jewish
21-29               Mabon-Imbolc                                     Wiccan/Pagan
24-25**           Yom Kippur                                         Jewish
26-27**           Mawlid al-Nabi                                    Muslim
27                    Elevation of the Cross                           Orthodox Christian
29-6**             Sukkot                                                 Jewish

October 2023
6-8**               Shemini Atzeret                                    Jewish
7-8**               Simchat Torah                                      Jewish
15-24               Navaratri                                              Hindu
16                    Birth of the Báb                                    Bahá’í
17                    Birth of Bahá’u’lláh                               Bahá’í
24                    Dussehra                                              Hindu
31                    Reformation Day                                  Christian
31                    All Hallows Eve                                   Christian
31-1**             Samhain                                               Wiccan/Pagan                         

November 2023
1                      All Saints Day                                      Christian
2                      All Souls Day                                       Christian
12                    Diwali                                                  Hindu/Jain/Sikh/Buddhist
13                    Gujarat New year                                 Jain
24                    Martyrdom of Guru Bahadur Sahib        Sikh
26                    Day of the Covenant                             Bahá’í
28                    Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha                     Bahá’í

December 2023
7-15**             Hannukah                                            Jewish
8                      Bodhi Day                                           Buddhist
8                      Feast of the Immaculate Conception      Christian
12                    Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe        Christian
21-1                 Yule                                                     Pagan
25                    Christmas                                             Christian
31                    Feast of the Holy Family                       Christian

January 2024
1                      Gantan-sai                                           Shinto
7                      Feast of the Nativity                             Orthodox Christian
13                    Maghi/Lohri                                         Sikh
17                    Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti                   Jain

February 2024
3                      Setsuban Sai                                         Shinto
10                    Lunar New Year                                   Confusion/Daoist/Buddhist
14                    Ash Wednesday                                    Christian
15                    Nirvana Day                                         Buddhist
24                    Māgha Pūjā                                          Buddhist

March 2024
8                      Shivaratri                                             Hindu
10-9**             Ramadan                                              Muslim
19-20**           Nawruz                                                Persian traditions
23-24**           Purim                                                   Jewish
24                    Palm Sunday                                        Christian
25                    Holi                                                     Hindu/Sikh
27                    Hola Mohalla                                       Sikh
28                    Maundy Thursday                                Christian
29                    Good Friday                                         Christian
31                    Easter/Resurrection Sunday                Christian

April 2024
9-10**             Eid al Fitr                                             Muslim
17                    Rama Navami                                      Hindu
20-2                 Ridvan                                                 Bahá’í
22-30**           Passover                                              Jewish

May 2024
1                      Beltane                                                Wiccan/Pagan
22                    Declaration of the Báb                         Bahá’í
19                    Pentecost                                             Christian
29                    Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh                    Bahá’í

June 2024
10                    Martyrdom of Guru Arjan                     Sikh
11-13**           Shavuot                                               Jewish 
21                    Litha                                                    Wiccan/Pagan

** observance begins at sundown on the first date and ends at sundown on the last. Islamic holidays are not fixed to a calendar but based on the actual sighting of the moon, causing some variance in the date.