Community Reflection Application

Applications for Fall Quarter are due by Monday, June 26th at 5pm. Fall applications are encouraged to be open to all students, but with a special eye toward the needs of first years. We often try to coordinate topics with the specific needs first years have during their first weeks away from home. Those needs are sometimes academic (How do I find academic help? or A conversation tied to the summer common reading, for example.) and sometimes personal (homesickness, not fitting in, etc.) in nature.

Applications are judged on a variety of characteristics. The selection committee tends to favor events that lead listeners/participants through a thoughtful, reflection on a matter of meaning or importance. The committee tends to reject applications that come across as an advertisement for a group.

We hope that everyone who leaves Community Reflection feels that they have been challenged to think and feel in a new way. If you have any other questions, contact Chaplain Candido at