Host a Ramadan Meal

In 2024, I anticipate Ramadan to begin on Monday, March 11th and end on Tuesday April 9th. Eid al Fitr, a major Islamic celebratory event indicating the end of Ramadan, will be Wednesday April 10th (Source: The Fiqh Council of North America). The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  Ramadan involves obligatory fasting for Muslims who are capable, from sunrise until sunset, for 29 or 30 consecutive days. 

I’m asking that individuals, departments, and organizations consider hosting an evening meal one night during the holy month of Ramadan.   Hosting a dinner would mean providing food for approximately 20 students, being physically present for the meal, and celebrating with observant students.  Religious & Spiritual Life can help to provide funding for departments or groups with financial constraints.


Every Monday/Thursday night of Ramadan except during spring break. Dates: March 11 at 7:30pm; March 14 at 7:30pm; March 18 at 7:30pmMarch 21 at 7:45pm; April 1 at 8pmApril 4 at 8pm; and April 8 at 8:15pm. ALL DATES HAVE BEEN FILLED!


Hosting means providing a meal for 20 people. Paper plates, silverware, napkins, and juice boxes will be provided. Hosts are responsible for bringing the food and cleaning up the space after the meal (but please enlist the students to help do this.)

Can I cook?

You can certainly prepare the meal yourself!  Please remember that each meal should be Halal. This means no pork products or alcohol may be used in the preparation of any aspect of the meal (including vanilla extract). Dairy and meat products must be certified Halal. You can find a Halal grocer just off campus (International Gourmet Pantry), but you can also find Halal foods at Aldi, Hardings, and several other local markets. Call Chaplain Liz Candido anytime to talk through specifics.

I don’t cook!

Kalamazoo offers some great catering options:  Shawarma King, Cumin Indian, Middle Eastern Appetite, Rasa Ria, Saffron, Bab El Salam, Chicago Munchies Fried Chicken (When ordering, please note that some restaurants have a limited Halal menu while others are completely Halal. Clarify when you order.)

What should I order?

Talk to Chaplain Liz Candido. She can help you plan a cost effective, delicious menu. Last year, the various hosts and Religious and Spiritual Life collaborated to create a google doc including menu suggestions and helpful hints for future hosts. 

Can I collaborate with someone else to host?

Yes!  We want to bring together members of our community including family and friends to join in this celebration. Please feel free to bring children, family and non-Muslim students. Perhaps you want to encourage departmental student advisers to attend or majors in your discipline. Perhaps one or two departments might co-host a dinner.

How do I sign Up?

Email: or Phone: 7361 or use the form below
Please let Chaplain Liz Candido know which date or dates you are willing to host!

Ramadan Host

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Chaplain Liz will contact you regarding this form. If you know you have questions or concerns you’d like her to address, let her know here and she will come prepared.